Bio Techne Stock Insights: Navigating Market Potential


Welcome to our in-depth analysis of Bio Techne Stock Insights. Bio Techne Corporation is a leading developer, manufacturer, and seller of life science reagents, instruments, and services catering to the research, diagnostic, and bioprocessing markets.

Company Overview

Bio Techne Corporation, founded in 1976 in Minneapolis, MN, has grown to become a prominent player in the life sciences industry. With subsidiaries like R & D Systems and ProteinSimple, Bio Techne has established a strong foothold in the market.

Bio Techne Stock Insights: Navigating Market Potential


Bio Techne Stock Insights: Navigating Market Potential


Financial Performance

As of March 2024, Bio Techne reported a revenue of $303.43 million, marking a 3.16% increase year-over-year. The net income stood at $49.06 million, showing a slight decrease of 30.13% compared to the previous year.

The diluted earnings per share (EPS) were reported at $0.31, down by 27.91%, with a net profit margin of 16.17%, reflecting a decrease of 32.26% from the previous year.

Stock Information

Key Metrics Values
Market Cap USD 3,050 million
P/E Ratio Not Available
Dividend Yield Not Available

Is Bio Techne a Good Stock to Buy?

For investors looking to venture into Bio Techne stock, it’s essential to consider various factors. Analysts at TipRanks provide stock forecasts and price targets to help investors make informed decisions.

Moreover, understanding the stock split history, legal name, and core products of Bio Techne can provide valuable insights into the company’s operations and potential for growth.

Stock Price and Market Data

For the latest stock price, news, and market data of Bio Techne, platforms like Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, and Business Insider offer real-time updates and analysis to keep investors informed about the stock’s performance.

Investment Strategies

When considering investing in Bio Techne stock, it’s crucial to evaluate the market trends, news, and forecasts related to biotech stocks. Keeping an eye on Bio Techne’s stock price target, forecast, and buy or sell recommendations can guide investors in making strategic decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bio-techne A Good Stock To Buy?

Bio-Techne Corporation (TECH) is a reputable stock to consider buying. As a leading developer, manufacturer, and seller of life science reagents, instruments, and services, Bio-Techne serves the research, diagnostic, and bioprocessing markets. With a strong track record and a focus on innovation, Bio-Techne offers potential for growth and investment opportunities.

Did Bio-techne Stock Split?

No, Bio-Techne stock has not split.

What Is The Legal Name For Bio-techne?

The legal name for Bio-Techne is Bio-Techne Corporation (TECH). They develop, manufacture, and sell life science reagents, instruments, and services for research, diagnostic, and bioprocessing markets.

What Does Bio-techne Make?

Bio-Techne is a global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality reagents, analytical instruments, and precision diagnostics. They cater to the research, diagnostic, and bioprocessing markets, providing essential tools and services for life science professionals.


In conclusion, Bio Techne Corporation presents an intriguing investment opportunity for those interested in the life sciences sector. By analyzing the company’s financial performance, stock information, and market data, investors can make well-informed decisions regarding Bio Techne stock.

For the latest updates on Bio Techne stock, stay tuned to reputable financial platforms and consult with financial advisors to optimize your investment strategies.

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